M100, USA

INFRA designed and built a modular, transportable GTL (gas-to-liquid) M100 plant for processing natural and associated gas into synthetic crude oil in Wharton (Texas, USA).

The plant’s nameplate capacity amounts to 100 barrels of synthetic crude oil from 1 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. M100’s process equipment footprint is only 4,000 square feet.

For M100, INFRA introduced its own unique proprietary GTL technology for the production of synthetic crude oil and a number of commercially available technologies integrated into the high-productivity and efficient flowsheet developed and patented by INFRA.

INFRA’s project capital investment is several times lower than for other comparable technologies.

The plant was completed as an EPCI project by INFRA’s team. Most of the equipment was manufactured in the USA. The Fischer-Tropsch catalyst for the plant was supplied from INFRA’s own catalyst factory.

The company plans to operate the plant on a commercial basis and sell synthetic crude oil. Synthetic crude oil is a mixture of gasoline and diesel fractions in a 60/40 proportion. Up to 45% of kerosene fraction.

In addition, completion of the plant construction phase is giving fresh start to further technology development. In particular, INFRA intends to add power generation and product upgrading units to the basic configuration of the plant.